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Suberizer, inc. aims to achieve optimum storage performance by providing routine preventative maintenance and training for storage managers using the facility. We understand the many hats the storage manager must wear and the conditions the building and system experience throughout the year. These are the reasons we are committed to serving our clients with an excellent service program while improving the customer experience. We also like to see healthy potatoes. With prompt service, sharing ventilation and system knowledge, reporting, and providing necessary care for all storage related equipment, we can expect great results. 

The Objective 

Suberizer places a high importance on the care for equipment. By physically checking system components and equipment operations, we can prevent or minimize failures before they occur. Checking and greasing components plays a necessary role in keeping storages running at their most optimum performance. Suberizer’s Technicians are properly trained to diagnose system issues and provide feedback to storage managers after a visit. 


Check & verify

Check and verify operations of equipment to prevent larger issues from occurring.


Maintain & lubricate

Maintain and lubricate mechanical parts to prevent seizing and corrosion.


Understand & help

Understand and help storage managers operate the equipment for a successful storage season.

the Solution

Suberizer believes in not only inspecting equipment in person, but also watching remotely before and after a visit. Our team of technicians remotely watch how the storage is operating and call to brief managers of issues when we see an issue. When part of our maintenance program, you have access to our teams’ reporting analytics and storage history. Being involved with the storage managers is how our technicians improve. Not every storage is the same. It’s important to understand all operations of the storage as well as the product in storage. 


Biweekly Checks

Suberizer will physical biweekly checks at the storage location. We check how the system is operating, if it’s maintained setpoint, Current mode and condition of current mode.


Maintain Equipment

We provide technical and system updates, service, and repair common issues


Reporting & Recommendations

Suberizer’s outstanding service technicians provide detail reports for tracking system performance, building condition, storage management, system upgrades

Our Proposal

Suberizer has been involved in the raw product storage industry for nearly 50 years. Our service agreement provides a solution to help businesses stay ahead of issues, be more aware of how we can improve our products and assist the storage manager’s understanding of how each system works. By working together, we can improve raw product quality and storage quality. 



System Startup & Shutdown

Suberizer performs proper startup procedures before going into storage, and proper shutdown procedures when storage season is over.  


Preventative Maintenance

Regular biweekly inspections.  


System Calibration

Calibration and upkeep on temperature and humidity sensors.


System Technical Updates

Software and system updates provide new features and bug fixes.


Service Calls

Service calls outside of biweekly inspections. Call (509) 488-5990.


House cleanliness

Control room tidiness and dust removal  

Timeline for Execution

System maintenance is handled in two steps: an initial visit in the first part of the month, and a follow-up second visit in the second half. Once a year, we will perform a full system shutdown. 

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Parts, Materials and Labor

The following materials are examples of what you can expect Suberizer to include that are necessary for repair and maintenance under this agreement. Most items under $50 are included in all maintenance contracts.

  • NLubricants and grease
  • NSoftware and Chips
  • NDoor Handles and Batteries
  • NOutdoor Temperature Sensors
  • NRefrigeration Filters
  • NLight Bulbs
  • NPile sensors
  • NRefrigeration Dryers
  • NDebris Cleanup
  • NHumidification Cell filters
  • NRefrigeration Oil
  • NHigh Pressure Nozzles and Filters
  • NMisc. Wire and terminals

*Disclaimer: This agreement does not cover or require Suberizer, INC. to provide service, parts or materials which may be required because of improper use, mishandling, and/or damage through accident or through service performed by anyone other than Suberizer, INC., or through damage caused by casualty, including, but not limited to, electrical power failure, fire, theft, water or abuse. 


All pricing requires inspection and estimate from a Suberizer representative. Below are sample starting costs.