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Your Turnkey Solution

Suberizer is a one stop shop. Come to us and we will not only design the storage or structure you need, but we’ll build it, too. Working with Suberizer from start to finish for onsite construction is more cost effective than subcontracting all of the vendors needed to complete the job yourself. We facilitate and execute faster while maintaining high expectations for the outcome of our design. You work with Suberizer because we are the experts and we ensure the job will get completed correctly and on time, every time.

Offering many different building styles to accommodate clients’ needs / specifications, Suberizer handles every step of the process.

Building a Potato or Onion Storage Estimate

  1. It starts by identifying what we are storing or using the building for and where it will be located. In most cases, the answer to these two questions determines the style of building.
  1. Next, we determine building size (measured in tons or CWT (12,000 Ton / 240,000 CWT)).
  1. We then pick options for the selected building style. Options might include: AirEverywhere Floor or airpipe, catwalks, dividing wall, electrical, excavation, ventilation systems, and more.
sub on site - General Construction

Beyond Raw Product Storage

While it’s true that our specialty is designing, engineering and constructing raw product storage facilities – Suberizer, Inc. understands that storage may not be the last stop in a business. Suberizer supplies specialty facilities to encompass all of our customers’ needs in the growth of their company. Suberizer, Inc. provides support in all construction phases to streamline projects in a cost-effective way. After the first project, relationships have developed, and the next project begins to form. Suberizer stretches its design abilities into every project it undertakes.
Suberizer, Inc. has created office structures for new branch locations, fabrication and maintenance shops for farm equipment, airplane hangars, warehouses for packaging materials, and scales for exporting and weighing product in and out of storage.

Front Offices

This front office has an acid washed concrete floor and an open desk layout. It’s spacious enough for four employees, a client seating area, conference room, kitchen, and one restroom.

Conference Rooms

This conference room was specially designed around its large conference table and surrounding media for grower and client meetings. This portion of the room is equipped with a kitchen at one end for the employees.

Assembly Warehouse

This warehouse is designed for multiple operations throughout the year. Assembly lines are set up to receive and handle product in the beginning stages of this operation and a different assembly line is set up for end stages. This warehouse additionally has office and break room space for employees.

Airplane Hangar

This custom hangar was equipped with a 50’ wide hangar door and a radiant heated floor system.

Retrofits and Remodels

We design with an eye on the customer’s real-world requirements. Whether that means meeting budgets, remodeling an existing storage, creating a controlled environment for a special need, or providing a hangar to support a new hobby; we deliver outstanding customer service.

Suberizer, Inc. understands the costs associated with these facilities. Suberizer actually owns and leases several of its raw product storage facilities themselves. Most of the raw product buildings we manufacture are 40-year life structures. These tools are usually passed down for generations to come, and with that, remodels and updates are necessary.


Suberizer, Inc. has the capability of remodeling existing structures to meet new standards. Blowing more air requires more than just adding fans to an existing facility. Suberizer, Inc. calculates and strategically adapts the existing structure to achieve newly desired air.

Different varieties need specific air requirements to meet demand. By retrofitting a Suberizer, Inc. AirEverywhere floor, we can assure proper and uniform airflow throughout a pile or stack of bins. The Airfloor can provide product flexibility, safer working conditions, and reduces weight loss.

Suberizer, Inc. will develop a flexible and cost-effective construction program to meet your conditions and your needs. Construction management will be orchestrated to get the project accomplished on time, and within budget.

Additional Offerings

sub ventilation - General Construction

AirEverywhere Floor:

Our unique design ensures uniform air distribution to minimize losses. Whether you’re piling or using palletized boxes AirEverywhere is the heart of a successful storage plan.

sub white under floor air - General Construction

BTU Ventilation:

The best ventilation systems in the business offer energy efficiency and premium features like remote monitoring, all while maximizing your crop’s quality to market delivery.

sub white custom design  - General Construction

Service & Maintenance:

We place the utmost importance on the care and longevity of our equipment. That’s why we offer a full range of service and maintenance options to our customers.