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Suberizer, Inc. is an engineering-manufacturing-construction company whose primary purpose is to provide quality designed and functioning raw product storage facilities. Through extensive research and engineering accompanied with satisfied customers and accomplishment, Suberizer as achieved an outstanding track record.

Suberizer has an engineering-first approach when it comes to storage design. We carefully look at every angle on each job we take on. This pays large dividends to the customer. For example, both our Suberizer Envelope Storage and Suberizer Curve Storage systems are designed every time to meet all humidification and air requirements for all types of raw products.

During the 1970’s the negative effects of storage insulation schemes became evident. In response to preserving the steel structure and maximizing the R-Value of the insulation, Suberizer developed the air envelope for potato storage in 1972.

Suberizer engineer present the advantage of blowing-through rather than pulling the air through the humidification cell and received a special commendation at the Washington State Potato Convention. Both professors and storage managers were touting the advantages of Suberizer’s performance.

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