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Potatoes are undoubtedly one of the world’s favorite foods. The United States produces about 20 million tons of potatoes every year. With the average American consuming about 110 – 135 pounds of potatoes each year and Europeans nearly doubling that, keeping up with demand is crucial. Potato farmers know the drill, it’s not easy.

The journey of the potato starts in a field where they are first grown, then harvested. Whether our customers are a grower for the fresh market and need storage for proper suberization, or a grower for processors and need supply to last until next harvest, meeting or exceeding grade is a necessity. We help growers have the right tools at their side to meet consumer demands.

If you need potato storage solutions, then Suberizer Inc. has what you’re looking for. Our carefully researched and constructed storage facilities are exactly what you need to keep your potatoes lasting longer, and ensuring success year after year.


AirEverywhere Under-Floor Air Distribution System
The AirEverywhere Floor is becoming the standard in new storage construction for both potato and onion storage. Suberizer also provides a kit that allows the AirEverywhere Floor to be installed in existing storage facilities.

How Our Potato Storage Works

Technology advances have enabled our creative ability to design and control natural environments for potatoes to thrive in, preserving potato quality for extended periods of time and producing less waste. Potatoes stored right can make all the difference between them reaching the market months later looking firm and bruise-free, or them sprouting eyes and breaking down from disease.

Research shows that in the early storage phase, potatoes need to be kept in tightly controlled temperatures with high humidity. These conditions promote proper wound-healing and excellent suberization.

When this early stage of storage is done right, the potatoes have a much higher chance of surviving the entire storage season. We use the Suberizer AirEverywhere floor distribution system married with other well-designed components of the building to make sure the potatoes are stored in optimal conditions with even air distribution across the Airfloor. This will minimize or prevent weight loss and spoilage.

Here are some potato storage solutions we offer:

  • Temperature and humidity control storage facilities for potatoes.
  • Short-term and Long-term potato storage facilities.
  • Cellular Humidification and High-pressure humidity systems.
  • Efficient refrigeration systems.
  • Revamp of existing facilities to accommodate new industry standards.

Whether the potatoes grown are for next year’s crop or this year’s grocery store shelf, our growers can be confident their investment will provide them short-term or long-term solutions to fit their needs.

Why Suberizer?

Suberizer, Inc. was established in 1972 and over the last 45 years has been setting the standards in the Raw Product Storage industry. We have partnered with the research community to bring the best in potato storage solutions to our growers. Our design and implementation of top-performing storage structures and systems are superior in quality and technology.


Suberizer AirEverywhere


The AirEverywhere Floor is a standard in new storage construction for both potato and onion storage.

Suberizer ventilation


BTU Ventilation of Perham, Minnesota, is one of the best ventilation systems for storage facilities.

Control Panel

Control Panel

By using the most efficient refrigeration and dehumidification control saves money and ensures consistency in your investment.


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Turn-Key Storage

The AirEverywhere Floor is the standard in new storage construction for both potato and onion storage.

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On-Site Construction

On-Site Construction is cost-effective and suits our customer's needs.

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Custom Design & Engineering

Custom Design and Engineering for raw product storage and packaging facilities.

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