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What We Offer

Suberizer has been setting the standards in the Raw Product Storage Industry for more than 45 years. From our partnerships with the research community, to our design and implementation of top-performing storage structure and systems; we offer superior products and systems.

Suberizer transfers the Knowledge, drives home Storage Management, and provides the Storage and System Tools that assure maximum return.

Suberizer Potato and Onion Storage

Onion Storage

Whether you need immediate conditioning for getting onions to market, or storage that gets your onions to market months after a harvest, an ideal storage environment can make the difference between a costly cleanup or a profitable, high pack-out.

Potato Storage

Whether piling in bulk, or storing in pallet boxes – our potato storage and systems assures the highest level of performance. To ensure this, we equip our products with AirEverywhere under-floor concrete air distribution.

Envelope Storage

Each configuration of the Air Envelope Cavity System Configurations is easily adjusted to meet individual needs and requirements.

Curve Storage

The Suberizer Curve Storage System utilizes a unique curved design, which helps maximize storage flexibility and minimize construction costs

Air-Everywhere Floor

The AirEverywhere Floor is the standard in new storage construction for both potato and onion storage. The AirEverywhere Floor can be installed in remodels too. 


BTU Ventilation of Perham, Minnesota, has products aimed at meeting the demands of its customers. Stay updated with BTU Ventilation products.

Control Panel

The XT Series Control Panel from BTU Ventilation is built from the ground up for the 21st-century farm manager. This panel offers a user-friendly interface, combined with sophisticated onboard data analysis and internet communications make this a control panel of the future.

Turnkey Storage Units

Suberizer has several different standard turn-key storage models. These models are complete, ready to go, in prefabricated kit form.

On-Site Construction

Suberizer can develop a flexible and cost-effective construction program to meet your conditions and your needs.

Custom Design & Engineering

With Suberizer engineering there are no compromises. Our specialty is engineering raw product storage and packing facilities to meet customer requirements. We design with an eye on the customer’s real-world requirements.

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