Air Everwhere floor

Air Everywhere Floor

The AirEverywhere Floor is becoming the standard in new storage construction for both potato and onion storage. Suberizer also provides a kit that allows the AirEverywhere Floor to be installed in existing storage facilities.

Suberizer’s AirEverywhere Floor includes narrow 7/8”W by 16”L vents at the floor level. The vents are uniformly spaced such that any raw product on the floor is less than 12” from a vent. This uniform vent arrangement provides unparalleled air distribution for both potato and onion storage.

More Uniform Air Distribution

Clearly, an air floor provides more uniform air distribution; therefore, more uniform temperature control. In addition, there is assurance of more air to problem potatoes.

More uniform air distribution also assures more uniform sprout inhibitor distribution. More uniform air distribution helps to reduce product losses.


air everywhere humdification feature - Air Everywhere Floor

Significantly Better Humidification

The under-floor concrete absorbs and holds a massive amount of water and stays moist, with the assurance of getting saturated air to more potatoes.

air everywhere storage management feature - Air Everywhere Floor

Storage Management is Assisted

Pulling air pipe during removal of the potatoes from storage crushes and damages a percentage of spuds. The air floor eliminates those losses. With time, the complete benefits derived from a well-designed air floor will more than offset the somewhat greater initial cost of including an air floor.

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