In 2021, Suberizer, Inc. was proud to become Washington and Oregon’s exclusive BTU Ventilation dealer, offering their industry-leading products to our customers with every project we do. All Suberizer product storages are outfitted with BTU systems and we have the expertise to provide service and maintenance for new and existing BTU customers.

BTU Ventilation is based in Perham, Minnesota, earning a reputation for its energy efficient and high-quality ventilation systems. Their state-of-the-art products are full of features that will maximize your crop’s quality from post-harvest storage to market delivery. Whether used as an upgrade to your existing storage or as part of your new storage, their systems are providing the very best return season after season, and Suberizer can make it all happen.

refrigeration lines 2 - Suberizer is Exclusive BTU Ventilation Dealer for Washington and Oregon

About BTU Ventilation

BTU has served the vegetable industry for more than two decades, with its core leadership combining for over 200 years in ventilation/refrigeration experience. The company manufactures 75% of all of their products/equipment, 90% of which is made in the USA. BTU sets the industry standard for all its ventilation and refrigeration designs. They have a driven team of engineers, designers and technicians who are always thinking ahead, developing and implementing new technologies with each year in business.

BTU has developed new pioneering designs in the field of ventilation and refrigeration for the vegetable industry, put to great use in Suberizer Curve and Envelope storages. Their systems consist of high quality, durable equipment specifically matched for use in the vegetable industry. What about technology? BTU products come complete with remote monitoring/alarming systems (a must for farming today). How about efficiency? BTU systems can help you achieve 35-65% in energy savings annually – now that really adds up. And with over 1,000 computer systems and networks online today, you can be sure they’re having a big impact on the success of the ag industry.