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Just like most row crops, growing onions can be a difficult challenge. There are so many variables to focus on in order to have a successful crop. When growers are digging in the field it’s quick to identify yields and onion quality, but preserving all this hard work comes with the next phase of challenges, storage. Growers want to be able to store their crop to stay fresh, for as long possible. By doing this, they are able to maximize their profits and set themselves up for years of growth. At Suberizer Inc., we learn what needs and goals growers have to help develop the proper solution for their success.

It all starts with a high-tech onion storage solution. Our solutions, in the big picture, are small investments for the farming career. Our onion storages and systems are some of the best in the business and can make a big impact on growers profits.


AirEverywhere Under-Floor Air Distribution System
The air requirements for onions is consistently rising.  A properly designed storage that carefully considers the function of the AirFloor can produce amazing output. This is especially effective for bulk storage. The Suberizer AirFloor can also work well for box, tote, or crate storage. This type of storage system works well for normal post-harvest storage as well as for temporary storage after packing and staging.

Learn more about onion storage requirements.

BTU Ventilation Systems
BTU Ventilation systems are among the best and most user friendly for storing agricultural produce. The control panels can be operated using HMI/iPad or from an iPhone using the downloadable app. The system sends alerts to all users, thereby helping them keep track of the onions that are being stored.


How Our Onion Storage Works

At Suberizer Inc., we have state-of-the-art onion storage equipment, building designs, and construction efficiencies. We operate on a system that focuses on keeping the onions cool and well-ventilated throughout their duration in storage.

By utilizing Suberizer’s AirEverywhere Floor, customers have the flexibility to store in boxes or in bulk piling. Either way, our designs ensure the proper environment to move through the onions so they all are receiving the same conditioning.

Here are some features we offer:

  • Immediate solutions for curing and conditioning to get the onions to market.
  • Storage that will keep the product in good condition until the following harvest.
  • Post-harvest heating for curing and drying.
  • Slow ramp cooling for steady-state holding.
  • Refrigeration, Dehumidification, and Heating/Burning/Curing options.

Whatever the next stage of our customer’s onions are after harvest, we have them covered.

Why Use Suberizer?

Suberizer, Inc. was established in 1972 and over the last 45 years has been setting the standards in the Raw Product Storage industry. We have partnered with the research community to bring you the best in onion storage solutions.

Our design and implementation of top-performing storage structures and systems are superior in quality and technology.


Suberizer AirEverywhere


The AirEverywhere Floor is a standard in new storage construction for both potato and onion storage.

Suberizer ventilation


BTU Ventilation of Perham, Minnesota, is one of the best ventilation systems for storage facilities.

Control Panel

Control Panel

By using the most efficient refrigeration and dehumidification control saves money and ensures consistency in your investment.


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Turn-Key Storage

Turn-key Storage Systems benefit from the AirEverywhere Floor

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On-Site Construction

On-site Construction is cost-effective and suits our customer’s needs.

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Custom Design & Engineering

Custom Design and Engineering for raw product storage and packaging facilities. 

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